Manchester Bands T-Shirt

This T-shirt design features a selection of bands from the Greater Manchester area, including many bands who made Manchester their home (such as Everything Everything) or those who formed, and first made their name in Manchester (such as The Chemical Brothers).

All the names of the bands included in this design can be found on the Manchester District Music Archive.

Bespoke versions of the Manchester Bands name-chain design can be created on request. For example, if a specific favourite band isn’t included amongst the names, their name can be adapted/incorporated into the original design as a one-off.

The T-shirts come in a range of colours and sizes – they are all produced by Upfront Apparel.  Each T-shirt is £20 plus £3 P&P.

If you’d like a T-shirt in a different size or colour – other than the options available on this website (XXL or white, for example) – please click here or e-mail

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