Name-chains are themed collections of names, created and designed by Alison Bell. Following meticulous research, the names are joined together and hand drawn in a square crossword-style format.


Every name-chain artwork is unique and the intricate designs are crafted over time with care and precision.

Each letter reflects Alison’s cursive font and each name-chain is executed into a vibrant and striking hand-coloured design.

Once they are complete, the designs are digitised by artist, Amber Sanchez.

Drawing inspiration from magnetic fridge letters, Alison’s first name chain idea was simply to connect up a selection of some of her favourite Manchester bands in a scrabble/crossword style. After a terrific response to the initial concept, more designs were created.

The first set of name-chains are all based around the theme of Manchester: Manchester Bands, Manchester United and Manchester City.

Each design is signed and numbered in a limited edition of 500.

There are many other designs to follow, including a Game of Thrones character design!


Alison takes commissions for bespoke name-chains, as well as personalised versions of existing designs. They make fantastic gifts for children and students finishing school; businesses listing their services and products; a reminder of your wedding guests; personalised presents, favourite films, bands, actors, DJs, TV shows, places, street names, towns…the possibilities are endless!

The designs can be printed on different surfaces (fabrics, banners, perspex…) and in almost any size – please get in touch to discuss requirements.